Mound City Library’s New Books

Swerve or die : by Petty, Kyle,
The greatest thing : by Nerstheimer, Kristy
All hands on deck! : by Neubecker, Robert,
Best of Mexican cooking : by Martin, Adriana,
The Red Truck Bakery farmhouse cookbook : by Noyes, Brian,
The harbinger : II, The return / by Cahn, Jonathan,
The underdogs / by West, Tracey,
Shattered / by Patterson, James,
Bad Kitty goes on vacation / by Bruel, Nick,
Bad Kitty joins the team / by Bruel, Nick,
Bad Kitty gets a phone / by Bruel, Nick,
Bad Kitty vs the babysitter / by Bruel, Nick,
The history of Pearl Harbor : by Katz, Susan B.,
Spectacular stories for curious kids / by Sullivan, Jesse
Historic battles from World War II for kids : by Mooney, Carla,
Horse / by Brooks, Geraldine
The beginner's guide to cookie decorating : by Valentino, Mary,
Sticks and stones / by Polacco, Patricia
Stuntboy, in the meantime / by Reynolds, Jason
Jackie & me / by Bayard, Louis
The best is yet to come : by Macomber, Debbie
The house across the lake : by Sager, Riley,
Dark sky by Box, C. J.,
Blind tiger by Brown, Sandra,
Bake : by Hollywood, Paul
A snake falls to Earth / by Little Badger, Darcie,
The lost apothecary / by Penner, Sarah,
Ain't burned all the bright / by Reynolds, Jason
Potiphar's wife : by Andrews, Mesu,
Tiger & Phil : by Harig, Bob,

Public is invited to upcoming meetings. They are located at the Mound City Library.

September 10:– 8:15 am – Revenue Neutral Rate Hearing (RNR Hearing), following the RNR Hearing, Budget Hearing, and then our monthly Board Meeting


Ancestry Library is now available for use at the Mound City Library. 

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We are excited to have offered our library’s first annual Poetry Contest! The contest is wrapped up, and we have rescheduled the celebration to include at least 2 of this year’s first place winners. We are so happy with everyone that submitted a poem. Thank you! We...

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