Mound City Library’s New Books

Wintering : by May, Katherine,
The guest list : by Foley, Lucy
The lions of Fifth Avenue : by Davis, Fiona,
The weekday vegetarians / by Rosenstrach, Jenny,
One tin bakes / by Kimber, Edd,
Seven perfect things : by Hyde, Catherine Ryan,
B is for bison : by Paprocki, Greg,
The Churchill sisters : by Trethewey, Rachel,
Snacking cakes : by Arefi, Yossy,
Bread & wine : by Niequist, Shauna
Redeeming your time : by Raynor, Jordan,
The girl behind the red rope / by Dekker, Ted,
The book of hope : by Goodall, Jane,
Fear no evil  by Patterson, James,
Seasonal flower arranging : by Chezar, Ariella,
Live : by Huff, Sadie Robertson,
Forgiving what you can't forget : by TerKeurst, Lysa,
Spy School British invasion / by Gibbs, Stuart,
Late lunch with llamas  by Osborne, Mary Pope.
Jack vs. the tornado / by Eastep, Amanda Cleary,
Finding the Wild West :  by Cox, Mike,
Abandoned Eastern Kansas : Skeletons of the sunflower state / by Daniel, Regina
The quiet Americans : by Anderson, Scott,
The story of you : by Cron, Ian Morgan,
Because / by Willems, Mo.
The Bomber Mafia : by Gladwell, Malcolm,
Free speech : by Zimmerman, Jonathan,
The fascinating engineering book for kids : by Maslyk, Jacie
Hound of the Baskervilles & The valley of fear / by Doyle, Arthur Conan,

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